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Integrate Video with Graphics

Have an upcoming ad campaign and wondering how to re-purpose marketing assets? We all know how much google and social media loves video. How about creating new graphics for your campaign and integrating with video?

My Client Is Trending on Twitter

I never thought I would write  a blog post with this title.  Three weeks ago #i5bridge and #skagitbridge were trending on Twitter as the I-5 Skagit River bridge collapsed into the Skagit River.  Once it was discovered there were no serious injuries, the marketing work began. Just several weeks before the I-5 bridge collapse and […]

Destination Marketing Website SEO

Destination Marketing Website Success Story Content Marketing and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable investment for destination marketing organizations.  Skagit Marketing loves working on – a successful destination marketing website. Google “weekend getaway washington state” and check out the first two non-paid results.  The Love La Conner website is on Search Engine […]

Building an Online Community

A blog integrated into your website is an excellent place to begin building your online community.  Solitude Reels reached out to Skagit Marketing for help in building their online fly fishing community.  We are having a blast learning about fly fishing and getting to know the folks at Solitude Reels and the community that supports […]

Organic SEO VS Banner Ad

When  thinking of buying a banner ad, ask yourself if organic SEO (search engine optimization) marketing would be a wiser investment. The La Conner Chamber of Commerce hired Skagit Marketing to implement an organic SEO marketing strategy for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  They also purchased a banner ad which cost more than the organic […]

Content Marketing – An Exchange

The Language Exchange and Content Marketing Exchange I recently received an email from client and owner of  The Language Exchange Inc, Jaye Stover,  passing on a comment she received regarding her newly designed, organized, enhanced content filled website – “I visited your website, which breaths with activity and zest!”  Where does this zest come from […]

Potluck Content Marketing

I love working with start-ups and small biz because I get to meet people like Jackie Davison – owner of Potluck Kitchen Studio. Jackie already had her website up and running but just needed a little assistance with SEO, forms and getting paypal set-up online. Jackie has also enlisted colleagues to bring their expertise to […]

Congratulations Crescent Moon Yoga

One of my favorite clients, Crescent Moon Yoga, just was awarded with the Cascadia Weekly “Best Yoga Studio”! Skagit Marketing assisted Crescent Moon Yoga in getting their website up and running along with SEO and content marketing training. Owner Jennifer McFarland updates the website regularly with events, happenings and the monthly schedule. Congratulations! Cascadia Best […]

Content Marketing – Love 2012

Content Marketing – Integrating Creative and Technical   When taking on a content marketing project I like to have one BIG goal. = bulls-eye. The big goal:  Take a site that had 80,000 annual visits to over 100,000 annual visits. What is even more exciting is all of the other goals were surpassed as well. […]

Content Marketing – Achieve Your Goals

by julie burgmeier Achieve your organizational goals with a customized content program that meets your customer’s information needs. Reap the benefits of organic search engine optimization.  Utilize the top 5 social media channels:  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, and You Tube. I started selling and finding content (acquisition editorial work)  in 1988 in the educational college textbook publishing […]

Boo-Video Happening Tomorrow

Happy Halloween you’all.  I’m looking forward to working with the most incredibly talented visual storyteller (aka: shoots & edits videos brilliantly) Sam Abrams tomorrow at the La Conner Boneshaker Bicycle Festival!   We will be catching lots of b-roll , interviewing some folks, and hopefully staying dry.  

New Media Marketing Workshop Series

Recently, we held a New Media Marketing workshop in La Conner in order to help our local businesses find ways to capture more business by taking advantage of today’s social media solutions. Thank you to everyone who attended our hour-long workshop! For those who were there, and for those of you who missed our first one, read on for some great tips to get you thinking.

What Squirrels and Marketing Have In Common

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately watching the squirrels in our yard scurry to and fro. They run up a tree, down a tree, along the fence, down the fence, leap from one branch to another, then back to the fence, then back to the tree. Then they chase a buddy squirrel around the tree, along the fence and back up the tree. Then they stop for 15 seconds to catch their breath (I’d be wheezing if I were a squirrel!) … then off they go again.

This Is Way Right – Welcome Writeology

Janet Gifford joins the Skagit Marketing team.


As current and compelling content is the heart of successful Content Marketing, knowing how to manage and upload your content is imperative to a successful website. Content marketing strategy for a website starts from the first client meeting and is integrated every step of the way.

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