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Direction: Find a way for all of the breweries of Skagit County to collaborate to promote the unique value proposition to locals and visitors.
Strategy:  Create a marketing strategy for the Ale Trail to become part of Skagit County’s overall Marketing efforts.
Growth:  Grow the program to include more breweries, more distribution points of passports and more customers.

Skagit Farm to Pint is much more than just another brewery passport program.  Skagit Valley not only has 11 breweries in the most gorgeous setting from the North Cascades to the Pacific Ocean, it also has magical dirt.  So magical in fact that Skagit Valley Malting, a custom malthouse, works with farming communities to grow unique grains, and is introducing new or long-forgotten flavors to today’s brewing, distilling, and culinary professionals.  Skagit Valley College has a craft brewing academy along with a tap room and Skagit Valley has three annual brewfests.  In need of a creative group to pull all of these assets together and tie-in with the Skagit Tourism programs, the breweries opted in with enthusiasm.   Our team wasted no time in creating a brand and marketing strategy.