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Facebook Fraud Video

Have you watched the Facebook fraud video?  If you are considering spending advertising budget on buying likes on Facebook through Facebook advertising, watch the Facebook fraud video. Now that you understand what the Facebook fraud video is all about, would you still consider spending a dollar a day on Facebook advertising?  Facebook advertising is tricky. […]

Free Facebook Window Sticker – NOT

By Julie Burgmeier Free Facebook Window Stickers E-mail Campaign “How do I get a free Facebook window sticker for my storefront?”  This is a frequent question I hear from small business clients.  This morning I had an email in my inbox with the header:  Julie, get a free Facebook window sticker.  Hey – finally they […]

Google WordPress Plugin

by Julie Burgmeier The Google WordPress plugin is an official Google product developed and supported by Google – which is why I’m keeping my eye on it.   You can download it now at the WordPress plugin directory:  Google Publisher Plugin. Google WordPress Plugin Beta Functionality This beta version of the Google Publisher Plugin allows […]

Corporate Brands – Stand By Me

You’ve probably seen the Stand by Me video on YouTube by now – the one where street musicians from around the world each sing a part.  The video has over 15 million views and 17,000 plus comments. But it wasn’t produced by a major brand or media company.  It was made by a group of […]

Think Vertical Storytelling – Think Web-Weaving

By Julie Burgmeier Carl Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology –  aka Jungian psychology.  Jung believed that mythic stories, whether they were creation tales, legends, sagas  or fairy-tales, were wisdom stories.  He defined the stories as very dreamlike, a condensed perspective from the […]

The New Media Paradigm and the Relationships that come with it

by Julie Burgmeier I get asked often “Is print advertising dead?” or “How much of our ad budget should still be allocated to print?”  For my own brick & click (storefront and e-commer site), over the past 4 years I have dropped print advertising down to the bare minimum – yellow page ads.  If it wasn’t for […]

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