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Facebook Fraud Video

Have you watched the Facebook fraud video?  If you are considering spending advertising budget on buying likes on Facebook through Facebook advertising, watch the Facebook fraud video. Now that you understand what the Facebook fraud video is all about, would you still consider spending a dollar a day on Facebook advertising?  Facebook advertising is tricky. […]

Free Facebook Window Sticker – NOT

By Julie Burgmeier Free Facebook Window Stickers E-mail Campaign “How do I get a free Facebook window sticker for my storefront?”  This is a frequent question I hear from small business clients.  This morning I had an email in my inbox with the header:  Julie, get a free Facebook window sticker.  Hey – finally they […]

Remove Facebook Star Rating – 6 Easy Steps

by Julie Burgmeier Are you seeing stars – and not from twirling around in circles?  Facebook star rating feature is showing up on pages as of two weeks ago.  I’m seeing the star rating on local businesses that have the check-in feature.  So what do you do if you don’t like the Facebook star rating […]

Facebook Power Hour Workshop Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the Facebook 101 (beginning) Power Hour.  We have already had many requests for more, more and more!  As long as the La Conner Chamber of Commerce keeps sponsoring the workshops, we will keep talking and teaching the power of Facebook and Social Media for small businesses and non-profits. You […]

New Media Marketing Workshop Series

Recently, we held a New Media Marketing workshop in La Conner in order to help our local businesses find ways to capture more business by taking advantage of today’s social media solutions. Thank you to everyone who attended our hour-long workshop! For those who were there, and for those of you who missed our first one, read on for some great tips to get you thinking.

Want More Sales? Engage on Facebook!

Today I was talking to a client about the struggles of trying to run a busy retail business, and yet still stay connected to the customers who keep her business afloat, but don’t come in every day (or week, or even month).

State of the Chamber

Last week I gave my State of the Chamber speech.  I have been on the executive team for 4 years, and this year I’m having a blast as President.  As the economy was sucking wind last year I called a round table for the local business community.  My theme for the round table was “Tough Times Spur […]

Love Makes the Marketing World Go Around

“Show me the love” has been a common  phrase in the marketing world before Social Media was a beating heart.  Fast forward to 2010 and Social Media has become the BFF.  With Social Media you can easily develop a sincere interest in hundreds of people and accelerate the love.  Take Dale Carnegie’s quote, for example: […]

Chi Content Marketing

I started running last summer and did what many first-time runners do – power run and overtrain.  I injured my calf and ended up hobbling over the finish line of my first triathlon.  So I’m at the library and stumble upon Chi Running – A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer.  Sounded […]

The Naked Brand

I expose myself to friends and family on Facebook daily.  I disclose my real emotions in the moment, share candid photos, and give honest opinions.  Facebook is a community which is built on trust and relationships.  Just as in your local community, if someone isn’t being themselves it’s usually obvious.  In the Facebook world your choices are to hide the […]

Southwest Airlines New Facebook Contest – Fans Fly Free With Some Turbulance (TO OTHER AIRLINES!)

I love to start my morning with a soy latte and Facebook.  The 10 plus farmers, artists and dreamers who meet at the local Rexville Grocery (small town hang-out) every morning feel the same way about their morning ritual.  Good friends…good coffee.  Facebook has become my morning community.  I can get together with my community of friends and family in […]

Facebook Announces 350 Million Users in Just 5 Years

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced via an “open letter” banner at the top of every single users Facebook feed at 6:23 PM yesterday (December 1st) the big 350 million Facebook milestone.  The letter’s purpose was to announce the elimination of regional networks (such as China) so there can be  better privacy control.  What does […]

Soy Mocha Please – Facebook & Community

By Julie Burgmeier La Crema Coffee Facebook posting from yesterday:  Offering $2.00 16oz Any Flavor drinks for the rest of the day 🙂 and just for a special someone soy mocha’s are $1.00 for a TALL. Boy did that get MY attention!  And what perfect timing.  I was getting ready to run my ballot to the […]

Facebook “Soy Mocha Please”

by Julie Burgmeier I’m working in my boutique feeling very tired from a late night of consulting work.  I decide I just need to put it out to the universe via cyberspace. I Facebook on Wednesday:  “can someone please bring me a double soy mocha? i’m SO TIRED!” Fast forward 4 days – Saturday.  I’m […]

Silver Surfers Wave 2

by Julie Burgmeier My class has decreased to 2 students.  Floyd & June.  They are the oldest of the original surfers with Floyd being born in 1915 and June in 1920.  This morning we focused on adding information to their Facebook profiles, took pictures for their profiles, and introduced Twitter.  They are both amazed at […]

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