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The Naked Brand

I expose myself to friends and family on Facebook daily.  I disclose my real emotions in the moment, share candid photos, and give honest opinions.  Facebook is a community which is built on trust and relationships.  Just as in your local community, if someone isn’t being themselves it’s usually obvious.  In the Facebook world your choices are to hide the […]

Southwest Airlines New Facebook Contest – Fans Fly Free With Some Turbulance (TO OTHER AIRLINES!)

I love to start my morning with a soy latte and Facebook.  The 10 plus farmers, artists and dreamers who meet at the local Rexville Grocery (small town hang-out) every morning feel the same way about their morning ritual.  Good friends…good coffee.  Facebook has become my morning community.  I can get together with my community of friends and family in […]

Soy Mocha Please – Facebook & Community

By Julie Burgmeier La Crema Coffee Facebook posting from yesterday:  Offering $2.00 16oz Any Flavor drinks for the rest of the day 🙂 and just for a special someone soy mocha’s are $1.00 for a TALL. Boy did that get MY attention!  And what perfect timing.  I was getting ready to run my ballot to the […]

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