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New Media Marketing Workshop Series

Recently, we held a New Media Marketing workshop in La Conner in order to help our local businesses find ways to capture more business by taking advantage of today’s social media solutions. Thank you to everyone who attended our hour-long workshop! For those who were there, and for those of you who missed our first one, read on for some great tips to get you thinking.

State of the Chamber

Last week I gave my State of the Chamber speech.  I have been on the executive team for 4 years, and this year I’m having a blast as President.  As the economy was sucking wind last year I called a round table for the local business community.  My theme for the round table was “Tough Times Spur […]

Love Makes the Marketing World Go Around

“Show me the love” has been a common  phrase in the marketing world before Social Media was a beating heart.  Fast forward to 2010 and Social Media has become the BFF.  With Social Media you can easily develop a sincere interest in hundreds of people and accelerate the love.  Take Dale Carnegie’s quote, for example: […]

Brand Awareness and the Pink Glove Dance

I received an e-mail today from my sister-in-law to check out the Pink Glove Dance video on YouTube.   Obviously a couple of other people spread the word as there have been 3,063,623 views just three weeks after the pink glove dance was uploaded.   Now is the season to use uplifting, heartwarming, and inspiring videos to get your message […]

Facebook Announces 350 Million Users in Just 5 Years

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced via an “open letter” banner at the top of every single users Facebook feed at 6:23 PM yesterday (December 1st) the big 350 million Facebook milestone.  The letter’s purpose was to announce the elimination of regional networks (such as China) so there can be  better privacy control.  What does […]

Think Vertical Storytelling – Think Web-Weaving

By Julie Burgmeier Carl Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology –  aka Jungian psychology.  Jung believed that mythic stories, whether they were creation tales, legends, sagas  or fairy-tales, were wisdom stories.  He defined the stories as very dreamlike, a condensed perspective from the […]

Facebook “Soy Mocha Please”

by Julie Burgmeier I’m working in my boutique feeling very tired from a late night of consulting work.  I decide I just need to put it out to the universe via cyberspace. I Facebook on Wednesday:  “can someone please bring me a double soy mocha? i’m SO TIRED!” Fast forward 4 days – Saturday.  I’m […]

Strategic Planning for Social Media Marketing

by Jonathan Duckworth I walk into the EDASC (Economic Development Association of Skagit County) presentation room, not feeling too networkish,or networkey, and choose a chair in the back of the room.  I immediately get heckled by the event coordinators.  So I move closer to the podium, choosing instead, the desk with an overabundance of trail mix […]

Is twitter just icing on your content cake?

by Julie Burgmeier A colleague of mine mentioned that twitter is just the icing of the overall content strategy “cake”.  Icing?  Twitter and other social media networks take on several roles in your content plan. New channels for promoting your current content (content distribution).  Connects you with influencers & customers (networking) .  Many organizations already have robust […]

Silver Surfers Wave 2

by Julie Burgmeier My class has decreased to 2 students.  Floyd & June.  They are the oldest of the original surfers with Floyd being born in 1915 and June in 1920.  This morning we focused on adding information to their Facebook profiles, took pictures for their profiles, and introduced Twitter.  They are both amazed at […]

Silver Surfers

by Julie Burgmeier I headed out to La Conner Retirement Inn this morning with an agenda and an open mind.   What can be so hard about teaching seniors how to use facebook?  My mom is 77, and I taught her how to use facebook.  She has been using email for years, so picking up facebook […]

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