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State of the Chamber

Last week I gave my State of the Chamber speech.  I have been on the executive team for 4 years, and this year I’m having a blast as President.  As the economy was sucking wind last year I called a round table for the local business community.  My theme for the round table was “Tough Times Spur […]

Love Makes the Marketing World Go Around

“Show me the love” has been a common  phrase in the marketing world before Social Media was a beating heart.  Fast forward to 2010 and Social Media has become the BFF.  With Social Media you can easily develop a sincere interest in hundreds of people and accelerate the love.  Take Dale Carnegie’s quote, for example: […]

Chi Content Marketing

I started running last summer and did what many first-time runners do – power run and overtrain.  I injured my calf and ended up hobbling over the finish line of my first triathlon.  So I’m at the library and stumble upon Chi Running – A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer.  Sounded […]

Is twitter just icing on your content cake?

by Julie Burgmeier A colleague of mine mentioned that twitter is just the icing of the overall content strategy “cake”.  Icing?  Twitter and other social media networks take on several roles in your content plan. New channels for promoting your current content (content distribution).  Connects you with influencers & customers (networking) .  Many organizations already have robust […]

Silver Surfers Wave 2

by Julie Burgmeier My class has decreased to 2 students.  Floyd & June.  They are the oldest of the original surfers with Floyd being born in 1915 and June in 1920.  This morning we focused on adding information to their Facebook profiles, took pictures for their profiles, and introduced Twitter.  They are both amazed at […]

Do you have twitter power?

by Julie Burgmeier I purchased twitter power by Joel Comm because I wanted the power….or at least some twitter strength (power sounds too masculine for me – but makes for a great title).   By the title and the reviews on amazon, I figured this was going to be more than a how-to book.  To my surprise […]

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